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This Torts I exam, given by Professor William T. Muse on January 29, 1937, begins with the following question:

Plaintiff and her husband were employed by defendant in household service. At
ten o'clock in the evening, plaintiff's husband had some words with defendant who waved a dagger at him and ordered him to leave. Defendant then proceeded to get out a loaded revolver. Coming down a stairway, defendant met plaintiff, who was coming from the kitchen and, pointing the revolver at her shouted, "Mary get right out of my house or I will shoot you dead." The statement was repeated. Defendant then called a policemen. As a result of all this plaintiff suffers illness. May she recover from defendant? (Ross v. Michael (Mass ., 1923) 140 N.E. 292).

Exam Date


T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts I Exam, 29 Jan 1937