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This Torts I exam, given by Professor William T. Muse on July 23, 1938, begins with the following question:

Nelson was being sought by local police for the kidnapping and murder of a small girl. Posing as a college boy selling bibles, he was permitted to spend the night in Horatio's house. Just as Nelson was leaving the next morning he saw an armed mob approaching looking for him. Nelson, in fear of his life, re-entered the house, locked the door, and refused to obey Horatio's command to leave at once. The mob threw rocks through the windows, but fired no shots. Hortense, Horatio's wife, for fear it would be thought that they had knowingly harbored a criminal, became frightened and fainted. Finally, Horatio succeeded in forcing Nelson out of the back door. Nelson was seized by the mob but escaped with minor bruises. What are the rights and liabilities of Horatio, Nelson, and Hortense inter se?

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T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts I Exam, 23 Jul 1938