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This Torts I exam, given by Professor William T. Muse in December 16, 1939, begins with the following question:

At a rural high school field day A and B are leading by six yards a field of ten contestants in the 100 yard three-legged race. C, seeing A end B just ten feet from the ribbon and desiring to prevent them from winning the $10 cash prize, trips A causing both A and B to fall as a result of which A's arm is broken. Unknown to everyone, the bone in A's arm is diseased and very brittle. A and B come in second. C, in an effort to escape, instinctively whirls to run through the crowd of onlookers and, in doing so, knocks a lighted cigar from F's mouth causing it to set fire to the blanket in which F's sleeping baby was wrapped while being held by its father. The fire was quickly extinguished after it had slightly damaged the blanket. What tort or torts, if any, have been committed by C? Why?

Exam Date


T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts I Exam, 16 Dec 1939