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This torts exam, given by law school dean and professor William T. Muse on May 21, 1969, begins with the question:

A, a stranger, while walking near B's barn over B's open and unfenced fields, heard loud cries. He ran into the barn where he found B lying on the floor and C threatening D with a gun. A struck at C with a pitchfork. D, who with B and C had been rehearsing a melodrama, rushed at A as soon as he saw what was happening in order to prevent serious harm to C. In the ensuing struggle A stepped back onto a trapdoor with defective hinges and fell into the manure cellar. Despite A's cries that he could find no way out, B, C, and D left without letting down a ladder. After feeling around in the dark, A finally made his escape through a door. What are the tort liabilities, if any, of the parties? Why? Why not?

Exam Date


T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts Exam, 21 May 1969