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This Torts exam, given by Professor William T. Muse on May 14, 1942, begins with the question:

Adie, desiring to repair the roof of his house, asks Buck for the loan of his ladder. Buck agrees. Adie goes on Buck 's land and takes a ladder which resembles Buck's but which belongs to Cole and which Buck had borrowed the day before. While Adie is on the roof, Cole sees his ladder and takes and carries it home. Adie, having completed the repairs, attempts to descend but, finding no ladder, remains on the roof for an hour thinking his children have removed the ladder temporarily and will return it. Becoming worried, he jumps to the ground, a distance of fifteen feet, uninjured. What is the liability, if and, of Adie, Buck, and Cole?

Exam Date


T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts Exam, 14 May 1942