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This Criminal Law exam, given by Professor Malcolm Ray Doubles on January 24, 1944, begins with the question:

John Jones, very annoyed over the playing of some 7 and 8 year old children, threw a stone at them to drive them from the front of his premises, the stone just missing Henry Jackson. Henry told his mother about the incident, and at 10 P.M. the same day when Mr. Jackson returned home, his wife related Henry's story. Enraged over the incident, Jackson took a horse whip, went over to the Jones home and seeing a light on in the basement, opened the outside basement door, walked in and said: "Is your name Jones?" -- to which William Jones, bachelor brother of John Jones replied: "Yes" -- whereupon Jackson lashed at him with the whip, the whip slipping from his grasp , sailing across the basement and the thick handle thereof striking Mrs. Jones in the temple. Jackson, cursing his luck and still enraged, picked up a heavy cane belonging to William Jones and hit him over the head three or four times, finally leaving and saying: "That will teach you to pick on children." On the way home and while crossing a bridge, realizing that he still had the cane he threw it in the river, uttering an oath about its owner. Mrs. Jones, the wife of John Jones, and William Jones both died as a result of the blows received. What crimes are reasonably suggested by this record, and could convictions be had therefor?

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T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Criminal Law Exam, 24 Jan 1944