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This Contracts II exam, given by Professor Malcolm Ray Doubles on May 22, 1944, begins with the question:

On January 2, 1940, a decree of divorce was entered dissolving the marriage of' H and W, the decree providing that neither party should marry for two years. Thereafter H became very fond of F but he explained to her the particulars of the previous divorce decree, As a result of indiscreet intercourse with H, F became pregnant during the summer of 1940, and upon learning of it H immediately promised to marry her as soon as he could lawfully do so. A child X was born to F on April 1, 1941. On January 3, 1942, H married G, and as a result F committed suicide one month later. A suit against H was immediately instituted by X, through a next friend appointed by the court, to recover $25,000 damages for breach of contract. What judgment?

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T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Contracts II Exam, 22 May 1944