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This Torts II exam, given by Professor Malcolm Ray Doubles on August 29, 1946, begins with the question:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Shady Grove, Va. have two children, Robert, age 23, and Virginia, age 20. Virginia was in love with Roland Rowe, age 22, who had had dates with her for several years. Robert was inducted into the Army in January 1945, and was stationed in California until his separation in April 1946. During this interval he prepared many private phonograph recordings of his life in the Army and sent these back home in lieu of letters. In October 1945, Roland Rowe married Mabel Snow of Shady Grove; and in November 1945 was inducted into the Army, and was likewise stationed in California until April 1946. In December 1945, not knowing of Roland's marriage to Mabel, and confident that Roland was the groom in a bridal couple he had seen leave a church in California, Robert included the following erroneous statement on one of his recordings ''Well Sis, you can forget about Roland; I just saw him with his newly acquired California bride today. What a pain in the neck she was to look at." At a New Year's Eve party given by the Smiths at their home in Shady Grove, many of Robert's recordings were played for the entertainment of the guests, including the one which contained the above statement. In May 1946, Roland instituted an action of damages against Robert and Mr. Smith. What judgment.

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T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts II Exam, 29 Aug 1946