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This Torts II exam, given by Professor Malcolm Ray Doubles on August 28, 1947, begins with the question:

Hiram Isbell Ignatious, a street cleaner in Hillsdale, a city of 20,000 population, recovered from a severe case of typhoid fever, but was thereafter ascertained to be a typhoid carrier. Gabby, a newcomer to Hillsdale and stenographer at the hospital, somewhat familiar with the record, the name, and the facts, but not knowing the patient nor his occupation, made the following statement to a group of her friends at a bridge party: "One of our former patients, H. I. Ignatious, has just been declared a typhoid carrier. Poor fellow, I feel sorry for him." As a result, several of the women who heard the remark stopped buying milk from the Star Dairy, owned and operated by Horatio Ichabod Ignatious, and he was so shunned at the Country Club that he was forced to resign through humiliation. Discuss Gabby's liability, if any.

Exam Date


T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts II Exam, 28 Aug 1947