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This torts quiz, given by law school dean and professor William T. Muse on November 4, 1958, consists of one question:

A came to B's house carrying a portrait of B's old enemy, X. When B opened the door A showed him the portrait and B spit on it. A then attacked B, knocking him down inside the house, and grappled with him on the floor. C, A's wife who had accompanied him, stepped inside, closed and bolted the door to prevent neighbors from interfering. As soon as B had been subdued A and C left taking with them the portrait which had been ruined in the scuffle. What torts, if any, have been committed? By whom? Against whom? Why? Why not?

Attached to this quiz is an example answer, written by a student, and apparently (judging by the pushpin holes in the paper) posted for other students to view.

Exam Date


T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts Quiz, 4 Nov 1958