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This torts quiz, given by law school dean and professor William T. Muse on November 3, 1964, consists of one question:

Accompanied by A, B came to C's house carrying a portrait of C's old enemy, X. When C opened the door B held the portrait up in front of C's face. C spit on the portrait and kicked at B. The kick missed B and hit A causing a slight bruise. B then attacked C, knocking him down inside the house, and grappled with him on the floor. A stepped inside, closed and bolted the door to prevent neighbors from interfering. As soon as C had been subdued A and B left. What torts, if any, have been committed? By whom? Against whom? Why? Why not?

Exam Date


T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond: Torts Quiz, 3 Nov 1964