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The University of Richmond sits less than a mile from the most ecologically and historically important river in Virginia yet many students have never even set foot in the James. This poster analyzes the accessibility, cost, and potential outcomes of a University of Richmond-owned Riverfront property on the James River. Such a property promises to engage all five goals of the strategic plan by 1) creating innovative paths to academic excellence, 2) providing an open-air outreach space to recruit academically talented students, 3) increasing the diversity of high impact practices on campus, 4) creating new opportunities for enhancing alumni engagement, and 5) inspiring environmental, financial, and social stewardship through an intentional enduring bond with Virginia’s most important body of fresh running water.

The University’s proximity to the James River provides an opportunity to invest in the engaged education of the student body while also purchasing property that will only go up in value over time. Riverfront UR would be a center for forward thinking pedagogy while promoting the University’s brand both locally and globally as an integral part of a sustainable river city.

Publication Date

Fall 2017

Conference Date

Fall 2017


Richmond, Virginia


Environmental Studies | Geographic Information Sciences | Geography | Physical and Environmental Geography

Riverfront UR: Accessibility, Property Analysis, and Future Developments


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