The concept of borders brings up many complex issues, especially in regard to the creation of protected areas. International boundaries are not consistent with ecosystem borders, and conservation needs to be targeted at protecting ecoregions rather than areas ending at arbitrary international borders. When assessing the creation of a protected area, it is necessary to use an ecological approach in addition to a social perspective. Home ranges and locations of keystone species are important, as well as the use of a protected area as an ecological corridor. Buffer zones are also imperative for protected areas. This paper shows that Peru’s Sierra del Divisor Reserved Zone needs to receive formal protection immediately, as it contains rich biodiversity, threatened species, and will serve as an ecological corridor and a buffer zone to Brazil’s Serra do Divisor. The large binational park in Peru and Brazil is necessary to conserve important biodiversity in the Amazon.

Paper prepared for the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar/Geography Capstone.

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