The days of national security concerns being bound by geographic locality are long gone, replaced by intervention minded multi-lateral organizations, NGOs with influence surpassing some countries and aggressive military force projection strategies. Along with traditional nation states, these institutions must all navigate the complex global dialogue attempting to address global economic and environmental issues. The degradation of the Amazon and its effect on the global environment is a primary subject of this dialogue and Brazil has taken notice. Challenges to the geopolitical control of the Brazilian Amazon by these multi-level actors have only served to increase Brazilian assertion of its own influence in the region. Efforts to establish control over the Amazon by Brazil date back the Monarchy of 1621(Ryan 1993) and have continued on to today. This long standing effort of establishing regional control has developed into a geopolitical way of national thinking, still promulgated in today’s Brazilian geopolitics.

Paper prepared for the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar/Geography Capstone.

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