Over 700 universities across the United States (AASHE, 2010), seeking to be progressive and containing the resources for change, have partnered together under the American Colleges and Universities President's Climate Commitment to lower their carbon footprints and increase sustainability education on their campuses (ACUPCC, 2014). The President's Climate Commitment includes 7 tangible actions, of which the University of Richmond must follow two or more. With the University of Richmond's date for carbon neutrality set for 2050, advancing these actions is crucial (ACUPCC, 2014). On the list of tangible actions are increasing use of public transportation and increasing energy efficiency on campus. For the university to successfully implement these actions, the university must gain student support for the projects. In order to target students on campus, we structured an informative and fun sustainability education session to take place during First Year Seminar classes. These sessions aim to inform students about the importance of using public transportation, recycling, and conserving water and energy on campus, while also giving students a better understanding of how to participate in these actions. We believe students find public transportation and recycling on campus to be confusing and find water and energy conservation daunting because the university does not properly explain how to use these services and conserve. Our First Year Seminar session will be led by students so first year students will have peer role models.

Poster prepared for the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar/Geography Capstone.

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