In the University Strategic Plan 2017: in the fifth value, Stewardship in A Changing World, The University of Richmond has set the goal to be a leader in innovative practices that sustain our environmental, human and financial resources in response to emerging environmental and financial challenges globally. The University Strategic Plan 2017 proposes three key initiatives aiming to help the community to achieve the goal of sustainability. First, the University and the Office of Sustainability will complete a Sustainability Strategic Plan that guides the University to build a more sustainable and environmentally friendly campus through the development and implementation of strategies with measurable objectives. Secondly, the University will transform the campus management, operation and consumption into a green and sustainable model and move away from stressing the environmental, human and financial resources. The third proposed initiative, which we specifically focus on in this research, is that the University will physically and financially support innovative academic programs that educate high-achieving students today and in future generations about sustainability, responsibility and environmental challenges at different scales.

Paper for the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar/Geography Capstone.

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