To launch Women’s History Month, a series of feminist flash mob interventions took place at the University of Richmond on Wednesday, March 4, 2020 organized by professors Patricia Herrera and Mariela Méndez who team-taught the bilingual course "Gender, Race, and Performance Across the Americas."  These flash mobs were inspired by “Un violador en tu camino,” a performance-based protest against gender violence created by the Chilean feminist collective Lastesis. “A Rapist in Your Path” was first staged in Valparaíso, Chile, in, 2019. Soon after, it went viral, and has been performed by women all over the world. Students from six different classes were in charge of adapting the lyrics and selecting locations that spoke to their experiences and the incidents of racism and sexism at the University of Richmond. 

This archival collection includes the following documents: Intervention Description; The Collegian (UR student newspaper) article; Intervention Script in Spanish and English; Photographs; Posters; Campus Route Map and Videos.


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