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Interiors: Recent Paintings by Duane Keiser

February 26 to April 04, 1998

Marsh Art Gallery


Duane Keiser's exhibition features his recent oil paintings dealing with interiors. Evoking the psychological intensity we often feel when we find ourselves alone inside silent architectural spaces, whether domestic or public, his paintings investigate this "intimacy of the room." Although devoid of people, his interiors are very much about the people who inhabit these seemingly ordinary spaces, about the haunting presence of humanity that remains, even as we catch tantalizing glimpses of the world outside. His paintings elicit our own experiences of such spaces, and we sense, much as the poet Tristan Tzara wrote, "A slow humility penetrates the room / That dwells in me in the palm of repose."

Our thanks go first of all to the artist, Duane Keiser, who is an adjunct assistant professor of art at the University of Richmond. His enthusiasm and unstinting involvement throughout the entire project are deeply appreciated.

At the University of Richmond, our special acknowledgment goes to Dr. Richard L. Morrill, President; Dr. Zeddie P. Bowen, Vice President and Provost; and Dr. David E. Leary, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences; for their continuing support and encouragement oi lhe visual arts through the Marsh Art Gallery's exhibitions and programs. Special thanks go to the staff of the Gallery: Douglas Satteson, Exhibitions Coordinator; Lynda Brown; and our student workers. Appreciation also goes to our colleagues in the Department of Art and Art History.

We are extremely indebted to all the lenders, who were so graciously willing to part with works from their collections for this exhibition.

The exhibition is made possible with the generous support of the University of Richmond Cultural Affairs Committee and an anonymous donor.

Richard Waller
Director, Marsh Art Gallery
University of Richmond

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Interiors: Recent Paintings by Duane Keiser