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Reconstructions: The Video Image Outside of Time

November 08 to December 17, 1995

Marsh Art Gallery


Co-organized by the Marsh Art Gallery, University of Richmond, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, the exhibition is traveling throughout the Commonwealth through the Virginia Museum's Department of Traveling Exhibitions and Media Services (Eileen Mott. Statewide Exhibition Coordinator) following its venue at the Marsh Art Gallery (November 8 to December 17, 1995).

The exhibition, Reconstructions, The Video Image Outside of Time (1994), comprises a continuously-running single-channel videotape and twenty-seven photographs. All the photographs are Cibachrome prints, 8 x 10 inches, printed from slides generated from computer-manipulated digital files that were created on the computer directly from the videotape. All the works are from the collection of the artist.

Accompanying the exhibition is a compilation tape of seven single-channel videotapes by the artist: Fragments of India, 1993 (8 minutes); Folded Follies, 1993 (8.5 minutes); Space Splice, 1994 (12 minutes); Inside, 1986 (4.5 minutes); Space-Time Loops: Cityscape, 1988 (8 minutes); Reconstruction, 1992 (6.5 minutes); and Bindu, 1993 (6.5 minutes). The videotapes are courtesy of and distributed by The Kitchen, New York.

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University of Richmond Museums


Richmond, VA


University of Richmond Museums, Van McElwee, Reconstructions, still photography, video art, visual art


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Reconstructions: The Video Image Outside of Time