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Ilgim Veryeri-Alaca: Recent Prints and Drawings

January 16 to March 25, 2007

Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art


Most Turkish names have functional meanings. By an auspicious quirk of chance, occasionally by determinism, some names provide an apt characterization of the bearer's talents or personality. So it is with the artist llgim Veryeri-Alaca, whose given name signifies "mirage" and married name denotes "speckled" or "spectral." Her variegated pieces, embracing such norms and techniques as collage, lacework, engraving, ebru (marbled paper), and watercolor, wondrously integrate her Middle Eastern (or specifically Turkish) aesthetics with her mastery of Western craftsmanship.

Although the subtleties of her creative ventures tend to give an impression of elusiveness, her command of form, color, and dynamics is so firm that they have nothing tentative about them. Employing universal techniques as well, llgim Veryeri-Alaca reinvents the cultural essences and visual fascinations of the traditional arts of her native Turkey. In each one of her compelling compositions, a "mirage" reigns in splendor. Hers is the triumph of imagination seeking the permanency of the abstract. For art enthusiasts in Turkey and abroad, her powerful syntheses are a source of pride and joy.

Talat S. Halman
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Letters Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

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Ilgim Veryeri-Alaca: Recent Prints and Drawings