New solar farm development can bring support and opposition as evident by the planned sPower solar farm in Spotsylvania county, Virginia. Of significant concern for such development is the economic impacts to the local and county level including real estate values, tax revenue and general project feasibility. In an analysis of the economic impacts, primary and secondary research included outlining the arguments presented by the two opposing sides; the Concerned Citizens of Spotsylvania County and sPower. Research further included an analysis of the projected change in real estate values the nearby Fawn Lake residential development. The real estate analysis concluded that correlation between the planned solar farm development and nearby real estate values is inconclusive, but further research is necessary to determine if a correlation exists. Such research may include updated real estate estimates since the recent approval of the project and larger scale real estate impacts. Understanding and addressing the economic changes that will take place in Spotsylvania will encourage community engagement and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

Paper prepared for the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Kitchen

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Unpublished Paper

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