The purpose of this assignment is to answer the question of: Is Wind Energy the Better Option for the University of Richmond? This question is more than simply if wind power will supply the campus the greatest amount of energy, but also looks at the educational, social, environmental and political benefits that would also be associated with it. In order to understand the feasibility of wind power on the University of Richmond campus, I looked at factors such as: energy production from wind turbines, past wind patterns in Richmond, VA, impacts to the environment. This is only one part of a larger project that will explain the potential for using other sources of renewable energies such as hydropower, natural gas, and nuclear power. The overall goal of this paper is not to make a decision for the audience, but rather provide them with the information for the audience to decide which source of renewable energy they think is best.

Paper prepared for the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Kitchen

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Unpublished Paper

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