This proposal outlines a plan for the monitoring, management, and conservation of vulnerable species and habitats on the University of Richmond’s main campus and its nearby properties. It develops a strategy for the coordinated planning and implementation of biodiversity management by conceptualizing centralized leadership, pathways for student involvement, and the creation of community partnerships with the Virginia state government and local wildlife groups. Additionally, it highlights key justifications for the execution of this project. These reasons include the successful examples of such schemes in competitor institutions, the standing of the University of Richmond in national sustainability rankings, formal University commitments to the goals of climate change resilience, and a wide range of educational benefits. Overall, the framework created by this proposal would result in a much more informed and ecologically conscious approach to land management and sustainability at the University of Richmond. By learning which species and habitats are endangered on the property and endeavoring to improve their conditions, the school will be doing its part in conserving Virginia’s rapidly diminishing biodiversity, in furthering its students’ environmental education, and in ensuring the local environment will be preserved in a fully functional state for future generations.

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