It is nearly undeniable that humans are altering the earth and rapidly depleting natural resources, compromising the future of generations to come. Thus, the importance of sustainability and sustainable practices is becoming increasingly important and relevant. While the world is working to innovate and prioritize sustainability, it is important that the University of Richmond must do the same. This proposal is for the addition of a minor in sustainability added to the university’s available education opportunities. The minor will be a total of six classes; three core sustainability classes and three additional classes to effectively cover the three pillars of sustainability (environmental, social, and economic sustainability). The minor would be beneficial to the University of Richmond in that it requires minimal costs of only two additional faculty members and would provide unquestionable benefits. A minor in sustainability would improve the university’s AASHE STARS rating, allow the university to gain a competitive advantage among other institutions, and would allow the university to entice more prospective students and produce more competitive graduates that are global citizens. Furthermore, the university would be symbolizing that it understands the importance of sustainability by introducing this minor. Around the globe, businesses, communities, colleges, and individuals are taking the necessary steps to work towards a sustainable future. The University of Richmond, with the introduction of a sustainability minor, has the opportunity to help lead the way instead of falling behind.

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