In today’s society the growing, buying and consuming of local foods is skyrocketing in demand. It provides for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle that the University has stated its interest in promoting. This project to expand the current community garden on campus would not only promote the University’s strives in sustainable practices, but also draw the community and campus together. This garden could produce foods that could be sold to the current dining services, and to the local community generating some profit from this community garden while also reducing the University’s spending on food for the dining hall. Furthermore, a graduate certificate program could be created at the University for those interested in some sort of agricultural practices at the school. This garden could be an outside lab for biology, ecology and other sciences while also giving the University the potential to create new classes in the science curriculum, for example an introduction to agriculture class. By expanding the current garden the University will reap the many benefits that it brings, while also appealing to the future generations that will be applying to the University in the years to come.

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