We, the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar Class of 2008, choose to recognize climate change as an imminent threat. After rigorous examination of the scientific, social, and political aspects of climate change, we initially wanted to help construct the carbon emissions inventory required in the PCC. However, citing their ability to build the inventory through existing University institutions, our administration steered us towards the Scope 3 emissions inventory, a component which focuses on student behavior. While we found Scope 3 too limiting, we decided our goal as a class was to impact student climate change awareness on campus. Therefore, we separated into three “working groups” and developed three distinct projects to meet our goal: 1) develop a database of projects and initiatives other universities have implemented to address climate change; 2) execute a comprehensive survey of the student body’s understanding of global climate change and energy consumption patterns and; 3) present the University of Richmond with options and recommendations for addressing climate change on campus.

Our goal is to inspire individual responses to climate change. Raising awareness does not indicate everyone will or should agree with our beliefs and convictions, but it will enable individuals to come to their own conclusions. We wholeheartedly believe climate change is an issue we cannot disregard and we stand by the belief that the risk of doing nothing is the biggest danger of them all.

Paper prepared for the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Salisbury

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Unpublished Paper

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