Olive Senior informs us in 'The Poem as Gardening, the Story as Su-Su: Finding a Literary Voice' that Jamaican elders believe the ground is the place where ancestral wisdom is located and they will explain and validate their warning or advice by saying, 'Grung tell me wud' (36). Jamaican linguist/literary critic/poet/and novelist Velma Pollard has put her ear to the ground of Jamaica and shared many important words of ancestral wisdom with us. This was a natural development for the talented girlchild born into an artistic family in Woodside, Jamaica, a rural community rich in folk traditions: her father was a member of a rural drama group; both parents were avid readers; Velma won a First Prize for a poem she wrote at Woodside Elementary School when she was seven; and through the years she and her sister, novelist/sociologist/ and historian Erna Brodber, have read and commented on each other's writings.

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