This summer, the Institute for Compensation Studies at Cornell's ILR School hosted its first Emerging Scholars Conference, which the author affectionately calls Comp Camp. Their conference, funded in part by WorldatWork, hosted a dozen junior scholars, three PhD students, a few senior scholars and some leaders from the practical world (including some from WorldatWork). They convened experts from fields like sociology, psychology, economics, industrial relations and business on the Cornell campus in Ithaca, NY, for robust discussions of several as-yet-unpublished research studies. The conference had three interesting papers on gender by scholars from three fields using data from three countries. Two conference papers discussed the effects of pay dispersion, and another one addresses the effects of transparency. Tae-Youn Park (Vanderbilt University) presented his work with Li-Kuo Sung (Vanderbilt University). "The Effect of Pay Dispersion: A Meta-Analysis" summarizes 138 published papers considering the effects of pay dispersion on issues like incentives, sorting, deprivation and inequity perceptions.

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