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Dean Joseph D. Harbaugh started his tenure as Dean of the School of Law on July 15, 1987. His initial goal as Dean was to make improvements and expand the size of the Law School building. Also, he had a focus on expanding the reputation and visibility of the Law School. Harbaugh's plan was to recruit more students from out of state and to place graduates with firms and organizations of national stature. The good things that have resulted from his efforts include just those those things: the building, the expansion of the faculty, the diversification of the faculty and student body, and the computerization of the law school. Dean Harbaugh contributed to the high the numbers and qualifications of student applicants, the curricular innovations, including the lawyering skills program, and the emphasis on use of technology in the instruction and business of the Law School. Dean Harbaugh left his position in the summer of 1995 to pursue a deanship at Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

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Artist: Robby D. Tatum, 2000

Location of Portrait: T.C. Williams School of Law, 2nd floor

Portrait Gifted By: Law School Alumni Association