Document Type

Working Paper

Publication Date

Fall 2023


The purpose of this document is to share important and updated information aboutcommunity engagement in higher education with department chairs and other academicleaders who seek to support community-engaged scholars and teachers. The documentprovides strategies and links to resources these leaders may use to support communityengagement in their disciplines, departments, and schools. For chairs who themselves arecommunity-engaged or who are experienced in mentoring community-engaged faculty,this document will introduce the latest best practices and strategies. For chairs who arenew to their role of mentoring community-engaged faculty, this document serves as aprimer and guide, offering foundational definitions and examples as well as links tohelpful resources. Chairs are encouraged to use this information to build their ownknowledge, promote discussion within their department, and use their professionaljudgment in implementing only those suggestions that fit the departmental anduniversity contexts in which they work.