Faculty in the Robins School of Business engage in discipline-based, practical, and pedagogical scholarship. Consistent with our mission, much of our basic scholarship deals with important global business topics, including international business strategy, global supply chains, marketing in diverse country cultures, international financial reporting standards, global financial markets, and foreign monetary policy. Ethical business issues also drive much of our basic and applied research output, particularly in the areas of stakeholder theory, corporate governance, and sustainability.

The Robins School embraces the University of Richmond’s Teacher-Scholar model. Our faculty have a domestic and international reputation for excellence in instruction, and many of them conduct research to enhance their own teaching. They also share their pedagogical findings through conferences and journal publications. Examples of this sort of scholarship include articles about teaching methods, case studies for classroom use, and experiments. The Robins Case Network includes case studies co-authored by faculty and students and provides an excellent example of faculty-student collaboration, which is a hallmark of our school.


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