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The materials included in this handbook are, most obviously, intended to accompany The Leader's Companion: Insights on Leadership through the Ages (New York: The Free Press, 1995). Nonetheless, this manual seeks to serve a larger purpose as well. Most immediately, it is a teaching guide for those using The Leader's Companion in the classroom. In a larger sense, however, these materials serve as a primer for the conceptualization, organization, and implementation of an introductory course on leadership. The exercises contained herein, while geared to the specific readings of The Leader's Companion, can be adapted easily to other texts and reading (depending upon instructor desires and preferences) and thus can form the basis for a wide variety of introductory courses in leadership studies.

Two difficulties confront an instructor charged with the task of teaching a course on leadership: (1) what materials to select to adequately convey a sense of this enormous and amorphous topic and (2) how to organize and teach such a unique course. The Leaders' Companion represents an effort to address the first problem. It collects in one place some of the most significant writings on leadership over the centuries, drawing upon a variety of sources and disciplines. Moreover, it organizes and annotates this collection in such a way that it presents a cogent and sequential treatment of the concept of leadership. The reader can thus take away from this anthology a sound introduction to this complex phenomenon. The response to this book from leadership educators has been gratifying, but it has been accompanied by a steady drumbeat of requests for further materials focusing on its implementation in the classroom. This manual, then, seeks to address the second difficulty: to take the further step of providing a guide to all aspects of teaching an introductory course in leadership.

This manual, when coupled with The Leader's Companion or other texts of the instructor's choosing, is intended to make the teaching of an introductory course in leadership a "turnkey" operation. That is to say, an instructor with this manual has the necessary information and materials to produce a substantive and creditable course in leadership.

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J. Thomas Wren


University of Richmond


leadership, teaching


Jepson School of Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies


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Instructor's Manual To Accompany The Leader's Companion: Insights on Leadership Through the Ages