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This text offers 50 short chapters from the most prominent international scholars of leadership who dispense invaluable overviews, insights, and perspectives on the key components of leadership in new era organizations. An organizing framework shows how these key components work together to form a holistic view of leadership within organizations. This framework is provided at the beginning of each of the eight parts of the book, to highlight the particular topic to be covered. The eight parts of the book include definitions and new perspectives of leadership in a global era; a review of the major concepts and theories of leadership; an exploration of the historical underpinnings and current concepts and practice of shared leadership; the impetus for organizational leadership; leadership and culture; inclusion; capacity-building and leadership development; and finally, the new responsibilities of organizational leadership through social activism. The comprehensiveness of this text, coupled with the opportunity to learn from the most prominent theorists and leadership scholars today, makes this an indispensable text for courses in leadership.

- New chapters on the external environment—including adaptive approaches to ever-changing global contexts—and dysfunctional or unethical leadership behavior

- New section on shared responsibility for leadership, featured in an all-new Part III, with seven new chapters on fostering leadership throughout the organization

- New section on inclusion of individuals, with a broad array of perspectives on the organization, including chapters on cross-cultural/cross-national, gender, religious, racial and ethnic, sexual orientation, disability, multigenerational, and work-life viewpoints

- Classic leadership theories, with updated chapters covering vision, mission, and structure that enhance the relevance of these theories within the greater organizational context



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leadership, leadership studies, leadership theories


Jepson School of Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies


Editor: Gill Robinson Hickman

[Introduction to] Leading Organizations: Perspectives for a New Era