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Winter 1956


Frederic William Boatwright Memorial Library Dedicated

"THE FORD FOUNDATION'S grant of almost a half million dollars to the University of Richmond came as a benediction to Alma Mater's observance of her 125th anniversary. The $455,700 allocated to the University of Richmond consists of two separate grants - a basic grant approximating the 1954-55 payroll for instruction in the liberal arts and sciences - and a supplementary grant of approximately half this amount. . . .

Library . . . Universal Laboratory

On one occasion Dr. Boatwright had said: "The library is the most vital building in a University . . . the universal laboratory where every student and every teacher does his work. Especially has the library become more important in the last half century as the emphasis in college education has shifted from teaching to learning. The quality of education provided by a college is directly dependent upon its library, and the educational value of an institution will rise or fall as its library is strong or weak."


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