The validity of the monotypic leptodactylid frog genus Vanzolinius Heyer, 1974 has been questioned recently. We explore the relationship of Vanzolinius discodactylus within the cluster of closely related genera Adenomera, Leptodacylus, and Lithodytes with both morphological and molecular data sets. Morphological and combined morphological and molecular data were analyzed using maximum parsimony; molecular data sets were analyzed with maximum likelihood methods. The resultant relationships are unambiguous in Vanzolinius being imbedded within Leptodactylus. In order to maintain Leptodactylus as a monophyletic genus, Vanzolinius is placed in the synonymy of Leptodactylus Fitzinger, 1826. The implications of relationships analyzed in this study are discussed in terms of both nomenclature and life-history evolution.

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