The results of two floristic studies of King George County, Virginia, are combined into an annotated checklist. Field work was initiated in 1983-84 with a study of Caledon Natural Area, a 2,500-acre tract with 3.5 miles of frontage on the Potomac River. Collecting resumed in 1991 and 1992 to include other portions of the county drained by the Potomac River. The study area contains a wide variety of habitats including dry upland woods, mesic ravines, low elevation river flats, beaches, swamps, marshes, and creeks; creeks and marshes include both brackish and freshwater environments. The Potomac River watershed of King George County harbors a diverse assemblage of plants; the checklist includes documentation for 918 species of vascular plants classified in 466 genera and 130 families. This total includes 418 species that at the time of collection were the first records of occurrence in King George County.

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