In the funded proposal to NSF, RdS and WRH included a project to create an electronic database for all publications containing mention of species names for Adenomera, Leptodactylus, and Vanzolinius (Vanzolinius has since been synonymized with Leptodactylus). At the beginning of the project, there were about 2,000 references on 3x5 cards. Miriam H. Heyer (MHH) was contracted to create the EndNote® file. MHH entered all citations into EndNote® and examined the literature citations in those publications to determine whether any of them contained information on the genera of interest. WRH anticipated that the intensive bibliography would yield a total of 3,000 references for the genera involved. That estimate was too modest – at the end of the NSF funding for the project, 31 May 2008, we had located more than 5,000 citations. The EndNote® file of 31 May 2008 is the basis for this bibliography. About halfway through the project, the Frost et al. publication (2006) appeared. We made two decisions based on this significant work: 1) We included citations for the genera Hydrolaetare and Lithodytes. The evidence provided by Frost et al. 2006 is compelling that Adenomera, Hydrolaetare, Leptodactylus, and Lithodytes form a robust clade. 2) The relationships of Lithodytes and Adenomera as sister taxa and both genera being the sister clade to Leptodactylus has been confirmed in other primarily molecular studies. The relationships involved thus appear to be robust. We differ philosophically, not on the basis of data, with the conclusion of Frost et al. 2006 to combine Adenomera, Leptodactylus, and Lithodytes into a single genus, Leptodactylus and recognize the subgenus Lithodytes for the clade Adenomera + Lithodytes. This topic will be pursued in a future publication involving RdS, WRH, and others.

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