The bibliography (Volume 1) is organized alphabetically by last name of the first author. The Species Index, Keyword Index, and Geographic Index are organized by the unique number that EndNote® assigns to each record. To find a reference from the three indices, one must utilize the References by EndNote® Number, listed in numerical order. There is sufficient information associated with the EndNote® numerical order entry to find the specific reference involved in Volume 1 – References.

Complete authors names are used in the EndNote® Number index for the EndNote® records that contain such information. Note that there are some “missing” record numbers – these represent duplicate records, one of which was deleted from the EndNote® file.

Currently recognized species in the Species Index are indicated by bold font. Other species names are synonyms or nomina nuda.

The Keyword Index lists terms from the Keyword section of each citation in Volume I.

The Geographic Index lists countries and/or geographic regions that are taken from the Keyword sections in Volume I.

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