Shrubs to large trees with watery sap. Leaves simple, alternate, pinnately veined, stipulate. Flowers unisexual (and the plants dioecious or rarely monoecious), actinomorphic, in axillary clusters; sepals 4-7, imbricate; petals absent; nectary disk lobed or entire; stamens (3)4-7, alternate with the lobes of floral disk, staminodes absent in pistillate flowers; filaments distinct; ovary superior, on a hypogynous disk, (2)3(4)-carpellate, ovules 2 per cell, hemitropous, pistillode present in staminate flowers; styles distinct and 2-lobed or stigmas sessile. Fruit a capsule or baccate, indehiscent. Seeds 2 per cell. [Hayden, 1987; Sherff, 1939b]

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