Adult Leptodactylus silvanimhus are of moderate sized, the head is about as wide as long, and the hind limbs are moderate in length (see Table; also see Heyer and Thompson 2000 for definitions of adult size and leg length categories for Leptodacrylus). The male vocal sac is single and internal. Male forearms are hypertrophied in larger individuals. Adult males have two black thumb spines on each hand and lack chest spines. Individuals lack dorsolateral folds. The toe tips are narrow, not expanded. Females have weakly developed lateral toe fringes and males either have lateral toe ridges or weakly developed fringes. The upper shank surface is shagreened with several dark coni apicales. The outer tarsus has white-tipped tubercles and small dark coni apicales. The sole of the foot is mostly smooth with a few tiny dark coni apicales. The upper lip is gray, paler below and behind the eye. The dorsal pattern is grayish-brown with slightly darker interorbital and middorsal blotches. The species lacks light middorsal stripes. The belly pattern is almost uniform cream. The posterior thigh surfaces are mottled; no individuals have distinct light horizontal stripes on the lower portion of the posterior thigh. The dorsal shank surfaces have irregular dark crossbands.

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