The 1995 Allen Seminar addressed this relationship between bioethics and law. The Seminar brought together a law professor/ethicist, a doctor/lawyer, a clinical psychologist, and a moral philosopher to examine the intersections of bioethics and the law. These outstanding scholars explored topics of special interest in their areas of expertise, testing whether they could develop models that would guide people confronting a bioethical/legal crisis and promote understanding among the contending parties. The seminar consciously asked law students to try on the language of bioethics- the vocabulary of moral philosophy as it is applied in practice to dilemmas that counselors, physicians, nurses, patients, and institutions face virtually every day. Students were asked to address the questions presented by the Allen Professors with a bioethical as well as a legal analysis. The 1995 Allen Chair scholars partnered with Professor Paul J. Zwier in teaching "Bioethics and the Law: Finding the Language to Keep Us Together."

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Thursday, February 16th
12:00 PM

Special Issues in Bioethics and the Law

Alexander Morgan Capron
Elizabeth Loftus
David Orentlicher
Daniel Callahan

University of Richmond School of Law

12:00 PM - 12:00 PM